The Best BBQ Rub

The Barbecue Rub

Imagine throwing a party with all your friends and family gathering in the backyard; you have the grill prepared to cook some steaks or maybe some nice juicy ribs. In fact you’re going to barbecue the best ribs that you have ever made because you have Foy’s barbeque rub. There are various different rubs and marinades that will give you the greatest tasting meat you and your guests will enjoy; you will have the best bbq rub in existence.

But the question stands “Where to find the best barbeque rub?” Here at Foy’s barbeque we offer you the greatest rubs, sauces, and marinades. We are where to get BBQ rub online at When you come to our website we list a widespread selection of different sauces that you can saturate your meats in. Here at Foy’s BBQ, our rubs and marinades are considered the best, not only for their flavor, but because we offer you an inexpensive barbeque rub so that you can have a tasty cookout.


Foy’s BBQ Rub Favorites

Our first is the Cuban Lime Garlic Marinade that is made with apple cider vinegar, water, soybean oil, orange and lime concentrate, tasty garlic, onion, salt and other spices, citric acid, and xanthan gum. This delicious, zesty marinade goes great with portabella mushrooms, tofu, fish, chicken, shrimp, lamb, steak, pork, kabobs, and hamburgers. Spice up your meal or dish and enjoy the refreshing flavors that swarm your taste buds.

Our next favorite is our Foy’s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce that is made with vinegar, water, mustard bran, mustard flour, sugar, succulent tomatoes, paprika, salt and other spices, vegetable gum, red pepper, garlic, sodium benzoate for preserving, citric acid, and turmeric. This sauce goes fantastically on pork, all types of poltry, steak, any kind of seafood, hamburgers, vegetables, adding flavor to gravy, soup, chili, casseroles, and stews. When barbecuing meat, cook the meat until it is about two-thirds done and then baste with Foy’s barbeque sauce until you have obtained the color and flavor you want.

Next in our favorites we carry our Apple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce called Sweet Heat from our Lodge Collection. It’s made with juicy tomatoes, water, high fructose corn syrup, apple cider vinegar, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, sugar, bourbon, apples, molasses, butter, dehydrated onions, salt and other spices, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, anchovy puree, phosphoric acid, tamarind, sodium benzoate, caffeine, and ascorbic acid. This sweet sauce is based from tomatoes with hints of apple and has been spiked with bourbon; this spicy blend adds just enough for your meal to “kick it up a notch”. However, this product contains milk and fish products so if you are allergic or avoiding these things then this won’t be the best product for you.

Another favorite is the Classic Hot Barbeque Sauce from our Lodge Collection that is made with paprika, other spices, vinegar, water, tomatoes, mustard seed and bran, vegetable gum, red pepper, salt, onion, garlic, turmeric, sodium benzoate, and citric acid. This mustard based Foy’s barbeque sauce is the perfect finish to your delicious meal, exquisite flavor in every bite.

Next, we have our Whiskey Marinade also from our Lodge Collection. It’s finely made with premium balsamic vinegar, sophisticated whiskey, sugar, ginger, water, garlic, citric acid, and salt. This marinade will turn your normal barbecue into a sophisticated Foy’s BBQ cookout.

Another cheap barbeque rub is our Foy’s Mild Bar-B-Q sauce that can be poured over poultry, pork, steak, hamburgers, vegetable and all various types of seafood as well as gravy, chili, stew, soup, and casseroles.  Cook your barbecued meat until it is about two-thirds done or almost done and baste with sauce so you have the taste and color that you want. This popular Foy’s BBQ sauce is prepared with vinegar, water, mustard bran and flour, sugar, tomatoes, paprika, salt and other spices, vegetable gum, red pepper, citric acid, garlic, sodium benzoate, and turmeric.

Another favorite is Pop’s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce made with vinegar, water, mustard bran and flour, tomatoes, paprika, sugar, spices and salt, vegetable gum, red pepper, citric acid, onion, turmeric, sodium benzoate, and garlic. This delicious sauce can be basted over meat that is almost done cooking on the barbecue, such as steak, poultry, pork, seafood, hamburgers, and vegetables. Chili, gravy, casseroles, stews, and soups call all be flavored with this hot barbecue sauce.

Finally, our last favorite barbecue sauce is Pop’s Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce that can be used to flavor stews, soups, casseroles, gravy, and chili. Add delicious zest to every bite of your poultry, pork, seafood, vegetables, or gravy. This flavorful sauce is created with tomatoes, vinegar, mustard flour, water, mustard bran, paprika, sugar, vegetable gum, salt and other spices, onion, citric acid, turmeric, sodium benzoate, garlic, and red pepper.

About Foy’s

We have our private label from our company that began in 1990, but we also offer manufacturing through contract because we know that not all companies can produce their own recipes. We present co-packing, which permits companies who cannot afford the equipment to open it’s own facility to help them get started in the food industry. Our wholesale products are available to those who are interested in buying a case of sauces if a proper sales tax ID and business license is presented.

Our Pop’s and Foy’s bar-b-que sauces are provided in smaller sizes for restaurant use, so if you are looking to enhance your barbecuing experience at home or in your restaurant check out our website today. We provide much more than our favorite sauces previously mentioned. Other than our sauces we also carry various other products so that your meal can become a Foy’s meal, a meal where your food takes your taste buds to an exotic realm.

Barbecuing should not be boring and your steaks, porkchops, poultry, ribs, fish, or other seafood should not taste bland or flavorless. Bring it up a notch by adding a hot or mild barbecue sauce or any other choice of likable sauce from