Move Over, Barbeque, and Say Hello to Salad Dressing!

Move Over, Barbeque, and Say Hello to Salad Dressing!

Foys BBQFoy’s barbeque sauces are famous for their eye-popping, mouth-watering, mind-blowing flavors, but we’re not just about dressing your meat. Check out Foy’s famous salad dressing line and spice up your life! Looking for a way to make your meals more interesting? Look no further! Eating healthy no longer has to be boring. The exciting flavor combinations of Foy’s dressings are sure to jazz up your lettuce’s wardrobe, so don’t be shy! Slather one of these delectable salad sauces on your veggies for 100% guaranteed good eatin’.

You trust us with making your barbeque oh-so-fine, so now try our dressings on for size (and taste). There are so many choices, so there’s something that everyone will love. Use our dressings in a variety of contexts beyond the salad bowl. They can be used as meat marinades or dips for bread and raw veggies. The possibilities are endless, so you can feel free to be as creative with your cooking as you wish, and to pour as liberally as you like while you’re at it.   


A Fabulous Lineup

With five fantastic flavors, each one more delicious than the next, you’ll discover a new love of lettuce (and anything else you want to pour our dressing on!). Try our Sweet Onion PoppySeed dressing to enhance your salad eating experience. Its flavor is a glorious clash of onion’s spicy personality and poppyseed’s slight nuttiness—what better friends could you ask for? This salad sauce is an unexpected adventure into awesomeness and will always leave you wanting more. Lavish this on a bowl of red leaf lettuce or cover a steak to marinate.

Even compared with Foy’s fabulous Sweet Onion PoppySeed, our Ginger Plum dressing holds its own. You’re sure to crave this fragrant mixture of sweet and spicy, and your salad will thank you. The richness of plum is a perfect pair for the pungent ginger. This dressing’s Asian flair will breathe life into any dull dish, and because of the plum, you can even count this as a serving of fruit (okay, probably not, but still). Sprinkle on a bed of spinach or pour generously as a marinade for chicken.

Next in our delicious array of dressings is our Roasted Bell Pepper. Let the natural sultry savor of roasted bell peppers into your life and add a sense of the dramatic to your dish. Be absorbed into the smoky yet zesty world of roasted bell pepper. Marinate some pork chops in this sauce for a winner of a dinner. Drizzle it over sliced cucumbers or use as a dipping sauce for carrots at a party. Healthy hors d’oeuvres have never been so flavorful!


Salad Dressing


Perhaps the prettiest dressing in our line is the Red Raspberry dressing. It practically glistens in its ruby red gown, and any lettuce leaf would consider itself lucky to wear it. Its bright and cheery appearance mirrors the tangy twang of this vinaigrette. Just the taste of it is reminiscent of summer and the blooming of flowers. Toss some of this sparkling nectar with arugula and crumbled goat cheese for a scrumptious side dish.

Ever dream of a leisurely drive through the Italian countryside? Well, now you can make this dream come true. Adorn your dish with our Foy’s Tomato Balsamic dressing to give it a rustic Italian feel. It’s basically a free mini-vacation in every bottle! The combination of tomato and balsamic vinegar is basic enough for everyone to enjoy, but enticing enough to convince even the salad skeptics not to skimp on their vegetables. This savory sauce goes well tossed with mushrooms and spinach leaves or as a marinade for chicken. For the full effect, sprinkle some parmesan cheese on that stuff to make it even better stuff.


But Wait! There’s More!

If you can’t decide on a single one of these dressings, try them all with the Foy’s Dressed Products Gift Box set! Turn salad skeptics into believers by gifting them with one of these snazzy packages. Help your friends eat healthier by giving them the most delicious dressings around (which these are). These gift boxes make excellent gifts for your loved ones, but they’re also great gifts for you! Engage your taste buds and shake things up by choosing a different dressing every day.

At Foy’s, we believe in making the tastiest sauces for any occasion, and our salad dressings are sure to be a hit anywhere (and everywhere). Impress your dinner guests with these unique flavors. Entice the kids to eat their vegetables (and who could resist them with such a delicious topping?). Turn salad into everyone’s favorite dish at the church picnic. Make us part of every meal, and we promise to bring our A-game. With so many options, Foy’s famous salad dressing is sure to please your palate!