Foy’s Bar-B-Que Sauces

Foy’s Bar-B-Que Sauces

Have you been on the search for the best Bar-B-Que sauce? The hunt is over once you try Foy’s Bar-B-Que sauces. Mastered with the finest ingredients your taste buds will be extremely pleased.


Our sauces were a finalist in “Flavor of Georgia”

Foy’s Bar-B-Que sauces are distributed by D & D Foods which was founded in 1990. We take a tremendous amount of pride in creating the most delectable sauces around. Foy’s sauces are expertly crafted and are by far the best Bar-B-Que sauces in our country. Our unique sauces not only are unique but they are bursting with flavor.


Over the last twenty years we have listened to our customers and appreciated them. We understand and know how to respect our loyal customers. With that being said we have become diversified and cater only the tastiest and most delectable sauces. They can be paired with just about anything from steak, chicken, pork, fish and salads. Our sauces are perfect for your healthy combinations; we guarantee it.


Not only do we offer our private label of sauces, but we can also sell whole sale as well as to restaurants. We want to ensure that our sauces, the best Bar-B-Que sauces in the country are easily accessible to everyone.


Foy’s Bar-B-Que Sauces operations are located in the southern part of our great country in the hot and peachy state of Georgia. We know a thing or two about creating delicious sauces. Bar-B-Que is widely popular in the south and it’s just about the perfect time of the year to enjoy the sunshine and grill out with our sauces. We offer a wide selection of amazing sauces and we would love to share some of our favorite recipes with you. Next time you’re thinking about what sauce to use at your next social function, think of us and let your friends and family decide that our sauces are the best Bar-B-Que sauces around.


Foys Bar-B-Que Sauces


Mouthwatering Recipes paired with Foy’s Bar-B-Que Sauces

If you want to be the hit at your next dinner party follow some of these recipe suggestions and pair with our sauces and you are sure to have a dynamite meal. You’ll be a professional chef/grill master in no time.


Our sauces are easily paired with just about anything because we use craft ingredients are ensure that the flavors are exceptional. Whether you want to grill chicken or go somewhat simple with a salad, we have the perfect sauce for you.


Red Raspberry Dressing

Pair our “Red Raspberry” dressing with chicken salads, fruit salads or even fresh fish. Our “Red Raspberry” dressing is easily paired with light yet flavorful meals.


If you’re more of a pork fan that’s okay! Our “Red Raspberry” dressing tastes absolutely delicious with pork. Spice up that boring pork chop with the best Bar-B-Que sauces in the country. Our “Red Raspberry” dressing also pairs nicely with sautéed mushrooms and garden vegetables. We have personally tried these ourselves and the expertly paired items tastes exquisite.


Ginger Plum Dressing

Are you feeling like trying something new; or at least venturing out from the box? Pair this light and flavorful dressing with cabbage, fresh seafood or fresh snap peas. You’ll be able to cook up a light and healthy creation with our “Ginger Plum” dressing. Your family and friends will be begging for more.


Lime Garlic Sauce

Yum, Yum is all you’ll be repeating once you try this sauce. We love this sauce and its delicious flavors can be grilled with fresh Mahi-Mahi, chicken, shrimp or vegetables.  We are quite found of the Mahi-Mahi pineapple salsa combination and this sauce pairs extremely well with it. The combination of lime, garlic, fresh fruit and fresh fish will create an expertly crafted meal to remember. Between you and I this is one of our favorite sauces. We take a lot of time and dedication to produce the best Bar-B-Que sauces in our great country.


Mustard Garlic Sauce

This sauce is the perfect pair with juicy pork tenderloins and broiled vegetables. Create a hearty and filling meal with finger licking sauce. Easily sauce and stuff pork tenderloins and bake in the oven. This is quick preparation meal you can share with your entire family. Let the pork slow cook for hours. Not only will your house smell like a professional grill masters kitchen but the food will be to die for when using the best Bar-B-Que sauces around.




Pair our sauces with Pasta too!

Our nationwide recognized sauces are just for meat and vegetables. Pair them with pasta and you’ll be able to create one amazingly delicious dish. One of our sauces in particular pairs exceptionally well with pasta. That’s our “Roasted Bell Pepper” sauce.


You’ll be pleased with just how well this sauce tastes not only with pasta but by itself. We here at Foy’s do our best to craft and create some of the most unique, flavorful and exciting sauces. We have a wide variety of the best Bar-B-Que sauces and this one by far is one to try.


Pasta is an ultimately popular dish for the American family. It’s quick and easy to prepare for the typical busy American family. We understand that and can relate. Why not spice up your pasta dishes with fresh sautéed vegetables and chicken grilled with our “Roasted Bell Pepper” sauce. Pasta night will never be the same in your house.


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Foy’s is thrilled to share our special recipe ideas with you paired with some of the best Bar-B-Que sauces in the USA. We hand select our ingredients for each expertly crafted sauce. We only produce the finest and most delicious sauces for all our customers. We would love to hear from you. If you have questions please call us. We have a fully knowledgeable staff ready to help you select the perfect sauce for your family and friends.