Cheap Barbecue Sauce

Foy’s Famous BBQ Sauce

D & D Foods, Inc. is the producer of the best, inexpensive, barbecue sauce and marinade in the country. We began production in 1990 and strive to provide high quality products in accordance with our customer’s specifications and the FDA requirements.

We don’t only produce Foy’s BBQ Sauce, but it is the best, cheap barbecue sauce everyone loves. We have some different flavors of our famous sauce. The basic delicious flavors include

Foy’s Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce and Foy’s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce. These both come in a 16 and 32 ounce bottle and jar. Our Red Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce comes in a 32 ounce jar.

We also have what we call Foy’s Lodge Collection. There are 5 different flavors: Classic Mild Barbecue Sauce, Classic Hot Barbecue Sauce, Tequila Lime Marinade, Whiskey Marinade, and Apple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce - Sweet Heat.

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About Foy’s BBQ Sauces

  • Foy’s Mild Bar-B-Q, Foy’s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce, Red Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce

              ○       Great on steak, pork, poultry, hamburgers, seafood and a variety of vegetables. Also works well to flavor gravies, chili, soups, stews, and casseroles.

  • Classic Mild Barbecue Sauce

              ○       This great recipe uses the flavors of mustard and tomato together in a sauce that has been around for over 75 years.

  • Classic Hot Barbecue Sauce

              ○       A special mustard based sauce that has a kick to fire up your meal.

  • Tequila Lime Marinade

              ○       This is a tangy marinade that is infused with tequila and laced with lime

  • Whiskey Marinade

              ○       A sophisticated marinade blend with whiskey, a premium balsamic vinegar, and a splash of garlic.

  • Apple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce - Sweet Heat          

              ○       This sauce is sweet tomato based spiked with bourbon and flavored with a hint of apple. Sweet Heat adds a bit of pepper to spice up your meal.

All of our sauces and marinades are cheap and inexpensive. Our 16 ounce bottles of our classic sauces are $2.99 each. Our 32 ounce jars of the classic sauces are only $3.99 each.  Affordable, delicious sauces that you can use for pretty much anything.

Our Lodge Collection have a couple different prices. The Classic Mild Barbecue Sauce, Classic Hot Barbecue Sauce, and Apple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce - Sweet Heat cost $5.00 per bottle. The Tequila Lime Marinade and the Whiskey Marinade cost $6.00 per bottle.

Customer Response

People who use our sauces find many ways to use them. One customer who moved to Columbus, Ga fell in love with our sauce. When they moved out of state, they started having boxes of our marinade and sauces sent to their home.

Restaurants Using Our Sauce

Although families have been enjoying our sauce for their recipes since 1934, we sell larger quantities for restaurants. For $40.00, we sell gallons of our sauces for commercial use. Large amounts of people can use our sauce in a variety of places. 

Other Products

Foy’s Barbecue Sauce

Foy’s Barbecue Sauce is famous, but so is our other products. Dressed to Grill marinades help dress up your meals. Cubic Lime Garlic Marinade costs $5.00 per bottle that goes good with fish, shrimp, steak, chicken, lamb, kabobs, pork, hamburgers, portabella mushrooms and tofu. Our Italian Marsala Herb, French Mustard-Garlic, and Caribbean Pineapple Soy marinades can also be used for fish, shrimp, steak, chicken, lamb, kabobs, pork, hamburgers, portabella mushrooms and tofu and cost $5.50 per bottle.

We also have another bbq sauce called Pop’s. There are 2 flavors and they both come in a 16 ounce and a 32 ounce bottle and jar. The bottle cost $2.99 and the jar cost $3.99. The first flavor is Pop’s Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce, and the second flavor is Pop’s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce.

To go on something other than meat, we have five different salad dressings that are $5.50 each. The Sweet Onion Poppy Seed goes great on any salad, it can also be used for being drizzled over grilled onions, eggplant, or squash. You can also marinate green beans, kidney beans, black eyed peas, yellow wax beans, onions, and celery that can be served over romaine lettuce.

The Asian Ginger Plum dressing is good to mix with fresh spinach, water chestnuts, mushrooms, egg quarters, and purple onions. You can top that with bean sprouts, mandarin oranges and roasted almonds. It can also be used as a marinade for pork, steak, fish or chicken. Stir fry with your favorite vegetables and add noodles or rice for a good dinner.

Roasted Bell Pepper is good for a sauce for fish, pork, crab cakes, or asparagus. You can use this sauce as a marinade for black eyed peas, corn, onions, celery, and tossed with a green salad. Combine this with lentils, goat cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers for an amazing salad. Good for a marinade for chicken, pork, or fish.

Our Red Raspberry dressing can be used as a marinade. Combine it with fresh spinach, sliced purple onions, and mushrooms. Then you saute chicken strips in olive oil and add dressing before tossing it in a green salad. Top it with fresh berries and mix in salad greens, tomatoes, raspberries and onions before topping it with grilled shrimp for a delicious, healthy, meal.

Our Tomato Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing is good tossed over baby greens with added blue cheese and pine nuts. Marinate fresh tomato wedges and yellow bell peppers before serving it over mixed salad greens. This dressing is also good for sauteing portabella mushrooms.