Best Salad Dressing In The Country

You've been trying to eat healthy lately. You've bought a head of lettuce, chopped up some carrots and onions, and now you're staring at a bland bowl of vegetables. How do you spice up the watery taste of a plain salad? With Foy's salad dressing, the best salad dressing in the country!

Foy's is a renowned producer of barbecue sauces ranging from tequila lime marinade to hot and spicy options. Their sauce expertise is unparalleled; they've been making barbecue sauce in Georgia since 1934. Their sauces are asked for by name in barbecue joints across the South. Now they've brought their experience to a new line of tasty, tangy salad dressings that are sure to spice up your bowl of plain lettuce and vegetables.

Why Buy Foy's Salad Dressing?

It's important to get your five fruits and vegetables a day. Produce gives you essential nutrients that you can't get anywhere else. But Foy's understands that sometimes, vegetables aren't as delectable as a nice rack of ribs. That's why they've created the best salad dressing in the country to give your plain salad a deliciously sweet, spicy kick.

Salads are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Nutritionists recommend that all people should eat one salad a day. You can use regular iceberg lettuce, but healthier options include baby spinach and romaine lettuce. These are valuable sources of vitamins B, K, and A. You can also use kale as the base for your salad, which is widely known as one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

A cup and a half of spinach, kale, or romaine will give you one serving of vegetables, but you can also add plenty of other vegetables or even meats to your salad. Many people choose to add carrots, onions, or peas to their salads as well. A good protein choice is edamame, a soybean high in protein and vitamins.

You can also add lean grilled meats, such as chicken or turkey, to your salad for an additional protein kick. Or go for the fish option- tuna or salmon work very well on top of salads. Just pour some Foy's salad dressing on top for a meal so delectable you won't even know you're eating something healthy!

As the best salad dressing in the country, Foy's also helps parents disguise vegetables for their children. Kids are notoriously picky eaters who frequently toss lettuce and green beans on the floor for the dog. But with Foy's salad dressing, the bland crunch of vegetables is disguised so well that the dog will stop waiting beneath the dinner table for scraps.

Why Is It The Best Salad Dressing In The Country?

Foy's has made barbecue and grilling sauces since the Great Depression. They've refined old family recipes into healthy, delicious options to spice up bland salads. With over eighty years in the business, you bet they're experts in their game.

You wouldn't buy a dress from someone who hadn't sewed clothing before; likewise, you wouldn't buy dressings or sauce from someone without extensive experience creating delicious and tasty recipes.

Foy's salad dressing includes options such as sweet onion poppyseed, Asian ginger plum, and roasted red pepper. Red raspberry and tomato balsamic vinaigrette round out the selection. These diverse dressings will appeal to a variety of tastes, whether sweet or tangy. For those who prefer a fruity dressing, the red raspberry will be an ideal choice; for traditionalists who enjoy a nice vinaigrette, Foy's tomato balsamic will fit the bill.

Foy's salad dressing can inspire a variety of different salad recipes. If you're starting with the Asian ginger plum dressing, you may want to make a spinach salad with edamame, chopped carrots, and a handful of crunchy noodles on top. A roasted red pepper dressing could inspire a romaine salad with chopped bell peppers, onions, and garlic.

Where Should I Bring Foy's Salad Dressing?

The best salad dressing in America is primed to travel anywhere. You can bring it to picnics, tailgate parties, and family dinners. Any time you're tasked to bring a nice salad somewhere- whether it's a concert in the park or a swim meet dinner- you can easily whip up a batch of romaine lettuce, carrots, and onions with a generous helping of Foy's salad dressing on the side.

You can also keep a bottle of Foy's salad dressing in the office for healthy, nutritious salad lunches. We'll warn you now, though: it's very likely that your coworkers will ask to use "just a little" of it, and it might not last as quickly as you once thought!

No one likes bland, plain vegetables. Foy's salad dressing is a perfect accompaniment to help spice up a salad with delicious, tangy tastes. If you have a sweet tooth, choose the sweet onion poppyseed variety; if your tastes run a little more Eastern, go for the Asian plum. Foy's understands that it's important to give regular vegetables a big, hearty kick with a low-fat dressing that spices up your meal but doesn't ruin your calorie count for the day.

While barbecue ribs and steaks are great, it's important to get your daily serving of vegetables in there as well. Salads are a nutritious, low-calorie method of getting all your nutrients and vitamins. If you're looking to begin a healthy new diet, the best salad dressing in America will help you on your path to a new you.