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The first thing that comes to mind when people think of summer is the warm weather and the sunshine. But people also think about the opportunities that the summer presents. The days get longer, people are spending their weekends outdoors, and people are taking vacations. When you ask people think of an activity that suits any of those situations perfectly, one of the most common answers would be grilling out. People love to grill out. We do it before sporting events and on holidays. We do it sometimes just because the weather is nice after we get off work. It provides an opportunity for us to gather with our close friends and family and catch up on the latest news, all while enjoying some delicious, freshly prepared food.

Everyone has a role at a cookout. Usually, they are assigned a specific item to bring, be it a side dish or a beverage or a game for everyone to play. And traditionally (at least around here), the host provides the main course and does the cooking. That main course is almost always some type of meat, and what could be more American than grilling meat over an open flame?

Best Salad Dressing

Grilling with Foy’s

Of course, everyone knows that there is more to grilling than simply throwing your food on the grill and coming back to get it a while later. Everyone likes their food prepared slightly differently, so you have to make sure that you have a bevy of sauces and other condiments available to top the dish with, and that is in addition to all of the other trimmings that normally accompany any grilled meal. At Foy’s, we understand that the right sauce can be the perfect finishing touch on any meal. We have been in the barbecue business for a long time, and we like to incorporate everything that we have learned over the years into all of our sauces. So whether you are serving up chicken, pork, beef, or anything else, you can bet that you will find something to give it the perfect touch of heat or tang that you are looking for from your food.

But we also understand that not all grill masters are created equal and that some of you fine folks like to put in most of the hard work before the food ever touches the grill. We at Foy’s respect your commitment to serving quality food to your guests, and we too believe that a tasty marinade can help your meat burst with flavor when you serve it up. To help out with the never-ending quest to serve the fabled perfect meal, we created a line of dressing marinades.

Just like our sauces, our marinades come in a range of flavors designed to please any palette and suit any type of meat that you dare to cook. While our marinades offer different amounts of heat and different styles of flavor, they also pair well with any of our sauces to create a start to finish gourmet experience for your diners.

The Best Salad Dressing

We even have your side dishes covered. Everyone knows that we like to include a healthy dish from time to time and that a nice salad can offer a cool, crisp contrast to something that is hot off of the grill. But we want you to avoid wasting your time with some run of the mill ranch dressing; we have our own line of dressings that will serve as a nice counterpoint to the succulent marinade or sauce you chose for your main dish. Everyone knows that feeling of bliss when a meal comes together perfectly. At Foy’s, we want every one of your meals to feel like that. That’s why we offer the best salad dressings in flavors from Red Raspberry to Asian Ginger Plum to Roasted Bell Pepper, as well as a host of other flavors in between.

Salad Dressings

Need suggestions for what to make for a particularly important cookout? Whether you are hosting friends to kick off the summer at Memorial Day or welcome the fall at Labor Day, Foy’s can help. We offer a plethora of recipes that you can browse through to glean ideas for your next gathering. You might be able to find a subtle new twist that will invigorate an old favorite, or maybe you just want to try your hand at making something new. Regardless of what you are searching for, Foy’s can help. And with our armada of marinades and sauces at your disposal, you have little to fear because they are so tasty that your guests will like almost anything you make.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention that we offer these products for easily affordable prices. Any supermarket goer can tell you that other marinades and dressings try to pass themselves off as a higher quality simply by raising the price. Not Foy’s. We know that you cannot enjoy anything that you do not buy, so we strive to make every product we sell an affordable and delicious value because we want our customers coming back to us.

At Foy’s, we know that the little touches can make a big difference in the final presentation of your food. We know that our salad dressings can give your meal the extra oomph that will set you apart from ordinary grill masters in the minds of your guests.