Best BBQ Sauce In The Country


Foy's Bar-B-Q sauce is the flavor sensation that's sweeping the nation! Many connoisseurs say it's the best Bar-B-Q sauce in the country! Why all this excitement over a Bar-B-Q sauce? Obviously you haven't tried any of Foy's fine sauces.

Our sauce has been around for nearly a quarter of a century and during that time we've always made our sauces with the finest ingredients. And we've listened to you, our loyal patrons and Bar-B-Q lovers. With your feedback we've developed sauces for virtually every pallet.

It can liven up chicken, beef, pork and seafood or you add it to vegetables for a healthy side dish. It's super for seasoning soups, stews, chili sand gravies. Foy's Bar-B-Q Sauce is a real team player.



Foy's Old Fashioned Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce

For those who like their BBQ simple and to the point we offer Foy's Old Fashioned Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce. A mouth watering combination of tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, paprika, red pepper, garlic and more Foy's Old Fashioned Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce adds a nice zing to all your favorite dishes.

Foy's Old Fashioned Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce

So you say "Mild Bar-B-Q sauce isn't spicy enough!"? Then Foy's Old Fashioned Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce is the Bar-B-Q sauce for you. Like our mild Bar-B-Q sauce Foy's Old Fashioned Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce is sensational and made from the same ingredients but with a little something extra to satisfy your spicy loving taste buds.

Foy's Old Fashioned Red Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce

Some like it hot! And for those who like their Bar-B-Q hot there's Foy's Old Fashioned Red Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce. Foy's Old Fashioned Red Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce is sure to please asbestos tongued steel gutted Bar-B-Q sauce lovers.

Dressed To Grill Marinades

Some of the most scrumptious grilling happens when a nice cut of beef, pork or chicken meets a mesmerizing marinade. Our Dressed to Grill marinade line will please even the most finicky Bar-B-Q lover.

Drizzle it over seafood, kabobs whatever you like or use it in a more traditional fashion and let our marinade soak in overnight for a true taste treat.  

Choose from four awesome varieties: the Latin spice of our Cuban Lime Garlic Marinade, our zesty Italian Marsala Herb Marinate, our masterfully layered French Mustard-Garlic Marinade or our taste of the islands favorite Caribbean Pineapple Soy Marinade! Any of which will have your gusts clamoring for more. 

Dressed In Style Sauces

We don't want your vegetarian or vegan friends to feel left out, our Dressed In Style Sauces are flavorful concoctions made especially for vegetable lovers.

Imagine their pleasure upon trying any of our Dressed In Style Sauces: the lilt of our Sweet Onion Poppy seed, the bliss of our Asian Ginger Plum, the robust taste of our Roasted Bell Pepper, the tangy taste of our Red Raspberry or tastiness of our Tomato Balsamic Vinegar. Any of these will bring out the best in your fresh produce, making salads and slaws sensational.


From novice griller to experienced grill master Foy's BBQ sauces and our simple delicious recipes will have everyone wondering where you found time for cooking classes. It will be our little secret. Our recipes are to DIE for and they're just a click away at our website.

For a nice family meal there's our Mustard Garlic Pork Tenderloin featuring our Dressed to Grill French Mustard Garlic Marinade. It may take over three hours to make but it's so worth the wait.

How about our Pineapple Turkey Kabobs, a tasty treat that employs our Caribbean Pineapple Soy Marinade. Your dinner guests will get a real kick out of these kabobs.

Then there's our Pork Chops and Stuffing Skillet Casserole made with our Italian Marsala Herb Marinade. Lip smacking good and sure to impress your dinner guests.

For a light dinner that's sure to please try our Salmon with Asian Slaw. A quick and easy dish that features our Dressed to Grill Asian Soy Ginger Marinade. Delicious and it only takes twenty minutes to prepare.

Also on the lighter side is our Penne Pasta with Spring Vegetables. Made with our Dressed in Style Roasted Red Pepper Dressing - Marinade. A perfect meal for diners on the go.

A nice light chicken dish is our Chicken Salad with Wild Rice and Fruit and Raspberry dressing.

Our Dressed In Style Raspberry Dressing - Marinade helps put a delicious spin on classic chicken salad.

Another light favorite is our Mahi-mahi with fresh pineapple salsa. Using our Dressed to Grill Cuban Lime Garlic Marinade and your fresh Mahi-mahi you can create a splendid seafood salsa sensation.

If salad is your dish try our Asian Ginger Plum salad made with our Dressed In Style Asian Ginger Plum Dressing - Marinade is just the ticket.

These and more tantalizing menu ideas are available Established cooks will find a multitude of uses for all of our sauces on their own and welcome their recipe ideas. We may even share some of the best ones on our website.

For grilling, marinating, salad making and more Foy's family of Bar-B-Q sauces and marinades are the delicious, fast and flavorful way to spice up any menu.